Nevada Day Beard Contest

Gentlemen ...
start your whiskers!

Nevada Day
Beard Contest
Sat., Nov. 1, 2014

Begins around 1:00-2:00pm
Immediately following the Nevada Day Parade

The venue for the Beard Contest is the ampitheatre, just south of the Capitol steps in Carson City.

Scroll down for a list of winners from the 2013 Beard Contest, held Sat, Oct 26, 2013.

The Nevada Day Beard Contest - an annual tradition - is open to anyone with a beard. There is no entry fee, and admission is FREE to all who'd like to come watch! It is held immediately following the Nevada Day Parade (the Nevada Day Parade begins at 10:00am and usually concludes around 1:00pm to 2:00pm). At the start of the contest, Tony Argento will recite cowboy poetry. This year's panel of judges includes two Nevada Supreme Court Judges: Chief Justice Mark Gibbons and Justice Michael A. Cherry.

This year we're excited to have a new, improved sound system!

Plaques and/or ribbons are awarded in the following categories:

  • longest*
  • fullest
  • reddest
  • whitest
  • blackest
  • best salt and pepper
  • best groomed
  • scruffiest
  • most bearded community

*Based on the judges discretion, the winner of longest beard must have a considerable number of hairs at the longest length to win.

For more info, contact, or call (775) 882-2600.

2013 Beard Contest Winners

Best groomed:
1st - Mike Powell
2nd - Brad Geiger
3rd - Steven Malekos

1st - Pat Dodson
2nd - Ray Smith
3rd - Malkiay Singh Dhami

1st - Dave Peterson
2nd - Bill Migan (pictured above)
3rd - Dave Frobes

Salt & Pepper:
1st - Henry Jones
2nd - Robert Gonzalez
3rd - Travis Stransky

1st - Terry "TerrBear" Foster 23 inches
2nd - Mike Cain 22 inches
3rd - Neil Tacklin 19 inches

1st - Bob Steward
2nd - Matt Wagner
3rd - Russell Lenhares

1st - StinkE
2nd - Aaron Wennhold
3rd - Steve Shesler

1st - Jasbir Singh Sandhu
2nd & 3rd names missing (apologies - these names were not recorded)

Most Bearded Community (Battle of the Beards):
1st - Carson City - 89
2nd - Virginia City - 54

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