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History of Nevada Day

When is Nevada Day?
That, folks, can sometimes be a tricky question to answer. Here's some history on that: Nevada became a state (admitted to the Union) October 31, 1864, so Nevada Day is October 31st of each year. Ah ... but the story doesn't end there. Fast forward to 1997 ...

With the passage of AB396 by the 1997 Nevada State Legislature, Nevada voters (on November 3, 1998) advised the 1999 legislature they wanted to celebrate Nevada Day on the "last" Friday in October. The legislature, after much heated debate, complied. Thus, beginning in the year 2000, the "official" obeservation of Nevada Day (taken as a State holiday) began taking place on the last Friday in October.

When is the Nevada Day Parade?

The Nevada Day parade is generally held the day following the state recognized holiday (ie: the Saturday immediately after the last Friday of the month.)

This year (2015), since October 31st falls on a Saturday so for the first time in many years the Nevada Day Parade takes actually takes place on the "true" Nevada Day - October 31, 2015

The theme for our 2015 parade is "Nevada: One State, Many Cultures".

More about the Parade

Nevadans love a parade, and what better way to celebrate our heritage! Each October (and this year, Nov. 1), Nevadans turn their attention to Carson City, Nevada's state capital, home of the official and longest-running Nevada Day celebration.

This is our annual coming together to celebrate our heritage and the founding of our great state! Now, more than a century old, Nevada Day and its many activities include: the parade, numerous contests, arts, music, and other family-oriented activities is un-equaled anywhere in the United States.

More than Just a Parade!

Nevada Day is more than just a parade! It is Nevada's Heritage Celebration, a gathering of community spirit on the last week of October to salute our state's past and look ahead to its future.

This site has been designed to give you all the information you need to enjoy the Nevada Day Parade and associated activities. We have included many dates and times for festivities and events. As plans are firmed up and new, updated information becomes available, we will update the appropriate pages. Also, if you spot an error or even worse, a broken link, please let us know via an email to our administrator. Your input is valuable and we want to hear from you!

Please take a look around and then come and enjoy the celebration.

View a pictorial history of the Nevada Day parade,
courtesy of the Nevada State Museum

Visit the Photo Gallery to view scenes from the 2010 Nevada Day Parade

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