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Putting on the Nevada Day Celebration: It Takes a Community

NEVADA DAY is special. Nevadan’s host the largest celebration of statehood in the country. To us… it’s normal to parade down the street the last Saturday in October. We dress up, whether it’s a band uniform, military uniform, historic costume… or just your Nevada Day shirt and ball cap, everyone is ready to celebrate this holiday in grand fashion. Most residents of other states don’t have a day like this… most folks in other states don’t even know what day they became a state. There’s no California day, or Rhode Island Day, or Mississippi Day… it’s just not a thing. So let’s remember what a special day this is, because we all love Nevada and we let it show.

This parade doesn’t make itself. Nevada Day, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3, makes it happen through a volunteer Board of Directors giving their time and energy toward the celebration. They meet once a month to decide the theme, who will be the Grand Marshal, the parade line up… pretty much everything. They hire an Executive Director to run the Nevada Day Store which helps fund the events and who handles the details of the planning, and there’s a whole lot of that! We plan for this event all year long. From the applications for permits, to porta potties, to military flyovers, everything has to be organized and managed in a timely and efficient manner to make this celebration successful.

But that’s not all, there is a team of volunteers who give of their time working in the store, being a marshal on parade day, setting up the announcers stands along the parade route… the list goes on of the many things that need to be accomplished. If you have a little extra time and wouldn’t mind helping out – we’d love to have you join our team!

To become part of this 158 year old tradition, just give us a call at 775-882-2600. Nevada Day is coming quickly – Hope to hear from you soon!