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This year will be our states 155th birthday, and also marks 81 year’s since the Nevada Day Celebration moved to our Capitol, and featured a large parade downtown, on main street Carson City.

The 2019 parade theme is Nevada Counties – 100 Years. 

Pershing County became Nevada’s 17th and final county in 1919, hence the 100 years. However we did lose, well kind of, Ormsby County in 1969 when Carson City and Ormsby were consolidated into one municipal government.

The last time Nevada Day had a theme honoring all of our counties was back in 1957, so 62 years later, the Committee felt it was about time to revisit it, especially this year as Pershing County turns 100 years old.

As we pay tribute to all of Nevada’s 17 counties, and all the unique splendor each and every one of them has to offer, we also need to remind ourselves that we are all in this together. 17 counties, 1 state, and 1 assume annual statewide birthday celebration!

I am honored to be part of this incredible historic event as Nevada is one of the only states to celebrate its Admission into the Union on October 31, 1864. Nevada Day Inc is a very small nonprofit organization that keeps this tradition alive each year, and faces many challenges as cost rise, volunteers come and go, and rules and regulations tighten.

Our family moved here in the summer of 1972. I attended first grade, and also attended my first Nevada Day parade that year. I have not left, found no reason to, and now going on my 11th year with Nevada Day Inc., I never tire of seeing the pride and joy of my fellow Nevadan’s as we celebrate out states birthday!

Ken Hamilton, Executive Director, Nevada Day Inc.

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