Announcing 2023 Nevada Day Parade Theme

To:  All Media      

From:  Nevada Day, Inc.       

Date:  May 8, 2023 

Announcing 2023 Nevada Day Parade Theme 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Nevada Day, Inc. Board of Directors announces the theme for the 2023 Nevada Day Parade is Home Means Nevada.   The slogan Home Means Nevada is used throughout the culture of our state. It is the name of our state song which was written by Bertha Raffetto in 1932 and adopted by the state legislature as the state song in 1933. 

“We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been chosen as a theme before.” stated Bobby Bean, Nevada Day, Inc. President.  “Our records go back to the 1950’s, and in the past 70 years, Home Means Nevada has never been selected as a theme.  So this year, we want people to express how Nevada means home to them.”  

Nevada is home to 3.144 million people, according to the 2021 U.S. census, each with their own feelings of how Nevada means home to them. Home Means Nevada brings up a feeling of pride in the thousands of Nevada’s children who grew up singing the song in school.  It is used in business, in art, in music, apparel and in other Nevada pop culture.

“Nevadans know what’s great about this state and all the incredible reasons we choose to live here.  Sometimes I wonder if residents in other states are as proud of their state as Nevadans are,” remarked Brooke Santina, Executive Director of Nevada Day, Inc.   

We’d like to hear how Nevada Means Home to you!  Write us a paragraph (150 words or less) telling us about your experience living in Nevada.  Email it, with a photo, to (must be received by September 1, 2023) and you just may see your story in the parade program!